Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Georgia Colony

The Georgia colony was the last of the 13 British colonies to be founded in the year 1732, 50 years after the last colony. It was initially founded by James Oglethorpe. Georgia was named after King George II,  this was stated in the terms of the charter granted by King George II. Georgia was initially settled to provide the british with protection for South Carolina from the Spanish and the French. However due to it being the southern most colony, the climate was much warmer than many of the other colonies, meaning that farming was much easier and Georgia became very important for agriculture for the british. The warm climate also made initial settlement much easier as the winters were not dangerously cold, on the other hand, the intense heat during the summer months, lead to the widespread of many diseases.The use of African slaves was initially prohibited in Georgia, however after the influx of settlers from South Carolina, this was overturned due to complaints that it would prevent wealth growth in the colony. Georgia also differed from the other colonies as it was the only one to receive government funding, however this is probably due to the interest the government had in protecting the other successful colonies. Upon settlement James Oglethorpe began negotiating treaties with the Native American tribes to protect Georgia from attacks, later on Indian trade would become incredibly important to Georgia's economy.

Sources: http://www.landofthebrave.info/georgia-colony.htm

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