Tuesday, 6 October 2015

'That Shit Cray' - Marginilisation of mental health problems in America.

America prides itself on the basis of being the 'melting pot' where all are equal and with recent reformative laws and political developments such as 'Obamacare' (an act signed on 23/03/2010)  one would think these are creating a better society for Americans to live. However, the Internet is readily available to discriminate against those partaking in the American Dream and still demeaning those with who suffer 'illness' which seems to indicate that the reality of an American getting ill in America equates to : the American being charged with extortionate monetary and social repercussions. These in turn marginalise the ill and it seems rather prevalent in the 'hip hop' arena especially; the consumer society attempts to use mental health terminologies to ridicule and mock those that dare make reference to a 'personal' issue as being mentally ill is still a taboo subject. 

Response on a thread from thecoli.com regarding rappers with mental illness, started on 29/05/2012

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