Monday, 5 October 2015

Map Of America Based On Favourite Artists


This map is taken from Music Machinery, a popular American music blog that focuses on online music and in particular, streaming services. The map shows each state as being represented by the artist that was streamed the most over the past year, based on data collected by who describe themselves as "the industry’s leading music intelligence company, providing developers with the deepest understanding of music content and music fans". The darker the colour of the state is means the population density is higher. As the map shows, it is a very limited amount of artists that dominate the statewide preferences, as only 8 artists are shown. Strong regional allegiances are also represented as it can be seen that Jay Z dominates most of the east, whereas the southern states are mostly represented by Drake. One reason for this could be due to artists being more popular based on the state or area that they represent, for example Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are from Seattle and they are most popular in Washington state and the surrounding area. Personally I found it interesting that the majority of the artists that feature on this map are hip hop artists or rappers, traditionally hip hop is not a particularly main stream genre, and one that was mainly only popular in cities and this could perhaps show the urbanisation of America. However it could also be due to social media and the ability to access content from anywhere that has increased its popularity or it could be down to the increased moving habits by Americans.

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