Monday, 5 October 2015

'The demographic and politics of gun-owning households'

This map which shows, ‘The demographic and politics of gun-owning households’ is taken from the Pew Research Centre website. The Pew Research Centre produces a basis of facts on “a wide range of topics which helps U.S and international policymakers, civil leaders, educators, and the public at large understand and address some of the world’s most challenging problems.” The map provides a percentage of people in the 4 regions of America who own ‘a gun, rifle or pistol’. From the map we can see that the South has a higher percentage of households with guns, whereas the Northeast has the lowest percentage. Also the data provides categories in which these households lie. Most people who own guns tend to be Non-Hispanic white males. In addition to this, they also tend to be over the age of 50. The data also indicates that the more rural parts of America have more households with guns, this could be because rural areas tend to use guns for leisurely activities, such as hunting. Furthermore, mostly Republicans and Republican supporters tend to have guns in their household.

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