Tuesday, 6 October 2015

                  ASARB map detailing Changes in Muslim adherents pre and (largely) post 9/11

In an article by The Huffington Post this map was highlighted in order to identify the most and least Muslim States. Although there are red clusters (where Muslims have entered) they are small in geographical terms and the following key using pink to note where there have been 'major gains' seem less in terms of statistics but the map does reveal that Florida in particular has seen a rise in Muslim adherents. Considering the context of this maps location (on a news website) titled 'Most and Least Muslim States' on face value change is presented as negative but the last four keys (yellow,light blue,dark blue and grey) all detail where there has been 'minor' changes to 'no presence' whatsoever. Thus from an objective perspective, the fear of another religion and the war on terror is much more of a ideological and political stance that has been made into a deep rooted fear of oppositional views especially apparent in American political rhetoric.

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