Monday, 12 October 2015

New York Colony

The first settlers of New York were originally the Dutch, who named New York, ‘New Netherlands’. However, in 1664 the Duke of York organised a mission to take control of New Netherlands, therefore the name was changed to New York to honour the Duke. -

In doing this the English managed to take control of the former Dutch trading post. Similar to the other Middle Colonies (which were mainly agricultural and industrial), New York had good natural resources which enabled the colonists to thrive. The Middle Colonies had good soil-“wheat and rye were the main crops grown by small farmers.”-

This meant that trading of goods could take place, allowing the colonists to prosper in this British Colony. In addition, these trades were also relied upon by the Native Americans. The Native American tribes near New York, “relied on peaceful relationships in order to make money from the fur trade.”-

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