Tuesday, 6 October 2015

                                        Metro Goldwyn Mayer: the icon of America's ideals.


In April 1924 Marcus Loew orchestrated the development of three production companies to form Metro Goldwyn Mayer and proceeded to create a format which has been omnipresent since. This being the combination of powerful icononography, the involvement with the 'best of the best' in the 'biz and cutting edge technology in order to produce a powerhouse which "Attracted  more stars than there were in the heavens". Thus MGM helped establish the myth of an attainable dream most likely to be found in America which has not only attracted stars from within but from 'outside' the new land. All the whilst American ideals have become engrained, for example Capitalism, a perceived 'Freedom of speech', Christianity and the ability to conquer (pictorally signified by the domesticated lion in the logo.)

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