Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Second Amendment

Keep And Bear Arms
This website is aimed at pro gun supports and offers an online community for supporters. On the site you are able to browse through the recently posted news stories, mostly submitted by members of the group, promotes the email news letter and encourages the user to sign up. There is also a page called "Take Action" where users can sign up to become a member of the page and take a more active role in the community. The news articles that are posted on the website seem particularly biased and overly opinionated to be taken as a reasonable source, for example one article that is titled "Anti-Gun Fear And Bigotry From The Washington Post". This site strongly voices their pro-gun stance.

Moms Demand Action
Moms Demand Action is a campaign group that protests for increased gun control. Like the Keep and Bear Arms website, this one also posts particularly opinionated articles that would appeal to the users of the site and attempt to persuade readers. This website also has a "Take Action" page, which provides information on how people can get involved with the group. This page seems to users a much more emotive approach than Keep and Bear Arms to persuade readers towards their ideology.

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