Saturday, 28 November 2015

Blog Task for Meeting in Week 11 (1 December) *Updated*

Choose and post any image from Jacob Riis’ How the Other Half Lives (1890) and comment on what the image reveals about immigrant New York and attitudes towards the new Americans pictured.

Useful/Interesting Link

'More than half the nation's governors say Syrian refugees not welcome', CNN, (2015)

'Paris Attacks Intensify Debate Over How Many Syrian Refugees to Allow Into the U.S.', New York Times (2015)   

 'Why Your Family Name Was Not Changed at Ellis Island (and One That Was)', New York Public Library,(2013)  

'New Life in U.S. No Longer Means New Name', New York Times, (2010) 

'Pioneering Social Reformer Jacob Riis Revealed "How The Other Half Lives" in America', Smithsonian Magazine, (2014)  

'Jacob A. Riis Neighbourhood Settlement: "A place to grow"'

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