Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Second Amendment

 Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is a pro-gun control website. They run a very informative news section of their organisation which they have in common with the anti-gun control website Gun Owners of America. Both websites at first glance share many commonalities: both up to date with the news, have links to social networking sites, have stores, accept donations and are aesthetically pleasing.

When you keep looking though you see a section on GOA’s website called ‘Self Defence Corner’ where they praise people using their weapons against others. Personally I find this troubling as I've always believed there are alternatives to using a weapon as dangerous as a gun in these situations. There are many variations of self defence items including tasers, whistles, and pepper sprays that can be used as alternatives. CSGV on the other hand has a section called ‘Guns in Public’ which shows how concealed handgun permit holders are not to be praised and cause more damage than they stop. It also shows that the screening process for issuing gun licenses is flawed and that many civilians with criminal convictions and mental health problems can get a license easily.

A big difference that is noticeable when you go through their websites is that GOA focus more on the political news stories whereas CSGV is more informative of the dangers of guns. On the homepage of CSGV they have a section which gives the statistics of gun crime that really hits home just how dangerous it is having guns so easily accessible.

Congressman Ron Paul described GOA as “The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington.", Which they take great pride in as it takes pride of place at the top of the homepage. Whereas CSGV has ‘Imagine a future free from gun violence” which is a less political headline and comes across as more approachable to those who are less politically inclined.

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