Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ragged Dick Presentation Notes

- I'm going to discuss
--- honest
--- being streetwise
--- and particularly how these relate to the American Dream

Theme Of Honesty
- Key theme
- The Horatio Alger Myth
- value of:
--- honesty
--- industriousness
--- clean living
- "I never stole... It's mean and I wouldn't do it"
- 2 dollar bill - receives more money for being honest
- Man gets fired for being dishonest
- "He looks honest" - Mr Whitney
- Causes Mr Whitney to give him the advice
- Honesty of giving Mr Greyson his change back
- Honest character makes adults warm to him/help him
- 'Honest' living leads to his success

Being Streetwise
- Streetwise vs Street 'aware'
- knows the city - gets across Broadway
- Knows how to handle the people
- aware of the scams:
--- $2 bill scam
--- the found pocket book
--- stolen $50
- He knows how to spot and avoid these traps
- specific example of the pocket book
- wasn't fooled or conned
- could be argued he was honest and noble
- prevents anyone else from being conned

- shows it's important to be streetwise
- stop you from being conned
- however Horatio Algar's main focus is the importance of honesty
- this is the path to success

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