Monday, 28 September 2015

Connection between America and its ideals

This image is from a blog post. I chose this image because Captain America is a patriotic figure. He symbolises American freedom and liberty as he upholds the 'American ideals'. This image depicts how America felt during World War II. Also, Captain America is an iconic superhero and the embodiment of America. Captain America punching Hitler supports the fact that America does not promote fascist ideologies. America is the land of the free and the American soldiers fight for this.


Questions the connection between America and its ideals.

This image is from an article on the Daily Mail website. The article is about a racial matter which occurred in America in 2014, involving Police. I chose this image because America is supposed to believe in equality however this isn’t the case. The image of a young black man holding a sign- ‘Black lives matter’ contradicts the ideals of America. America believe they are built on equality and freedom however this image clearly shows that race is still a huge factor which contributes to American society. Also there have been many more incidents such as this where police brutality was used not only against blacks but other ethnicities. Although they claim to be impartial America continue to be prejudice against other races and religions.

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